The sound of her voice in the atmosphere is a shifter”


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Lisa THEE' Oracle Hightower's captivating, high-energy performances transport audiences into a place where time is no more as she blends vocal velocity, musicianship, creativity and consciousness.

It’s a “bottomless barrel of vocal ear candy mixed with feel good music.  Fans tell Hightower time and time again that they feel good soaking in the lyrics of every song, bobbing their head to the beat of the music and vibing with perfect strangers turned friends in the intimate atmosphere created by Hightower with her audience.

This is an artist that knows how to connect & entertain.  Audience members have described the Lisa Hightower show as “uplifting entertaiment with excellent  musicianship,” “heart beat music with conscious lyrics that make people of all ages sing the songs,” “high energy with a feel-good vibe,” and “lots of good-natured fun.”   It’s not unusual for the unusual to happen at Hightower's flowing and free-spirited performances—you never know when she'll bust out an "in the moment song", personalized for a fan or demand the band to drop a funky beat with her lyrical overtones and just create a vibe in the room.

Hightower draws her repertoire from a multitude of genres and musical history,  like jazz, blues, r & b, soul and largely influenced by her Gospel roots.  Ever-evolving, Hightower aspires to the level of one of her greatest inspirations,  Nina Simone, the way Ms. Simone did Music and more importantly the WHY she did Music ~  fearless & impactful.

Over the past decades, Lisa has more performances than she can count under her belt.  Lisa THEE' Oracle Hightower has been invited back for performances at clubs, venues, events, festivals, college campuses,  schools, churches, spiritual centers, programs for at-risk youth,  community art shows and house concerts.

One thing for sure is Lisa will be wowing crowds for many years to come as she engages her fans with her timeless vibe and vocal extraordinaire.

Fans have great original music to look forward to with Lisa's current project "Gospel-ish". Two singles FREE YA SELF & BELIEVE already have fans wanted more...and it's coming, stay tuned~