Vocal Performance Coach

I am a vocal alchemy master, skilled in activating your most authentic voice and guiding students to own the stage through transformative vocal methods. My specialty is helping you tap into your soul's voiceprint to locate and free the resonant sound encoded within since birth.

As your vocal performance coach, I reveal proprietary techniques to unlock the secrets of uninhibited vocal expression and thoughtless performing. We will work directly with your vocal blueprint, clearing away limitations so your voice can channel its truth freely.

Behind the scenes, I will show you how the greats cultivate an aligned energy flow on stage, using spiritual laws of attraction for effortless command of the space. By mastering internal vocal freedom first, external mastery follows.  

Through tailored vocal activations and meditations, I support you in breaking through to new levels of confidence, connection and vocal capacity. My integrative training works from the inside out, letting your soul shine through the unique instrument that is your voice. Are you ready to activate your authority and own the stage? The alchemical vocal transformation begins here.

THE PROCESS/1 Hour Session
Virtual (unless in person requested)

Week 1: 
- Initial assessment - evaluate client's vocal range, abilities, challenges
- Establish vocal health fundamentals - breathing, resonance, projection, care
- Begin vocal activations and meditations 
- Set intentions and define goals for transformation

Week 2:
- Continue vocal activations focusing on freeing tension 
- Introduce techniques for tapping into soul voice essence 
- Shadow work exercises to clear limiting beliefs 
- Begin incorporating movement and stage work

Week 3: 
- Focus on authenticity and owning vocal sound
- Power poses and vocalizations for confidence   
- Continue clearing blocks; begin establishing new empowering beliefs 
- Learn fundamentals of stage presence and memorization techniques

Week 4:
- Polish soulful vocal breakthroughs
- Move fully into stage mastery - lights, costumes, live audition 
- Perform pieces for friends and family  
- Celebrate successes and establish post-coaching plan

At each weekly session we will vocalize, visualize, actualize and harmonize so your voice transforms fully to match your inner performer. This is a powerful month of alchemical vocal activations - let's begin!


One on One
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